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Rivera is a pioneering online Spanish school that has provided Spanish courses since 2005. Rivera’s Spanish School is student- oriented, cost- effective, and accommodates any special needs. Most importantly, Rivera provides quality teachers and tailored courses that are guaranteed to help you learn Spanish online.

Online Spanish School

We at Rivera School contend that learning Spanish using Skype is an innovative and effective standard for teaching. Rivera’s learning platform enables students to learn Spanish at their own pace and in the comforts of their own home. Each Spanish course is tailored and the school offers flexible hours. Skype allows for the use of multimedia material that contributes to the cutting- edge learning experience.

The courses are individualized and private; therefore, there is no penalty for time or date changes. Each single lesson will be designed according to the student’s personality, preferences, and goals. At only $24.99 an hour, a Spanish student can obtain lessons without any obligation for purchasing course packages.

The Rivera’s Spanish School teachers are native speakers and are required to be certified. The teachers are graduates of curriculums related to the instruction of Spanish as a second language. Each teacher is passionate about helping students to learn Spanish online.

Each Spanish course is divided into topics that identify the theme of the lesson. Rivera’s school courses are available in a wide- range of levels; ranging from A1- C2. The courses include Business Spanish as well as the preparation for the DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera) exam. Feel free to contact Rivera for any special needs circumstances.

We recommend that you choose Rivera’s online Spanish school for several reasons. Rivera operates with high standards at low prices. Each student is given personal considerations and individualized learning plans and curriculums.

Rivera’s Spanish School on Skype mission is straightforward. We desire to deliver the language of Spanish in a simple, attractive, and effective manner.

As we are student- oriented, Rivera’s Spanish School offers Spanish online that promotes quality, individuality, affordability, and flexibility.

Why choose our Online Spanish School?

Our online Spanish school currently has more than 7 years of experience in educating. We are also the first school to launch classes available via Skype. The online Skype classes offers one- to- one lessons with employed native Spanish teachers.

Thanks to our reliable and professional teaching module, we are able to teach students monthly; preparing them for the international test, job interviews conducted in Spanish and other significant situations where Spanish is required.

There are a variety of exciting reasons for joining our online language school. We have listed several of them for you here. Read More

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