Enjoying Spanish Español Latino is a Spanish course for language centers that offers a comprehensive solution with technological resources to teach Spanish courses; with online and blended classes, for hybrid courses (blended learning) or distance learning (e-learning).

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It is based on the teacher-student modality, which allows them to exchange and download documents, assignments, videos, etc; create classes, activate or deactivate activities, etc.

More about the platform

  • The exercises, when done, are self-qualifying; because in addition to marking errors, they also show the correct answers; Thus, students continue to learn in a self-taught way when they practice.
  • Enjoying Spanish Español Latino has a multi-device web design that allows mobile learning (m-learning) and has access from any device: computer, laptop, tablet, cell phone; And its multiplatform design allows learning by its easy access from anywhere, while you go to work or a class, while waiting for someone, in a park, or at home, etc.